Simple, Fast, Secure.

BI-SGX is one of the most practical solutions for cloud secret computation. You can easily execute secret computation on cloud with utilizing fast processing speed and high security of Intel SGX.


By using BI-SGX, you don’t have to use infamous SGXSDK anymore! BI-SGX provides original simple and clear language named Qliphoth.

Comparing with fully-homomorphic encryption (FHE), the most famous existing methods for secret computation, BI-SGX can execute secret computation extremely faster than FHE.


BI-SGX mainly provides secret computation features for bioinformatic analysis, but you can easily apply BI-SGX for more generic computations.

Qliphoth - brand-new simple and secure language


Are you disgusted with SGXSDK? Extremely complicated SGXAPI, redundant unique types, EDL, implicit specifications, Bloat of source codes… As you know, SGXSDK is inhumane.

Do you know this report about code bloat by modifying legacy program to SGX-capable one? The paper of SgxElide says that when they modified 412 LOC legacy program to SGX-capable code, the deliverable became 3523 LOC.


As you can see, SGXSDK is really inhumane architecture. To save developers from the clutches of the SGXSDK, BI-SGX provides brand-new interpreter language called Qliphoth.

Easy to use

The grammar of Qliphoth is really clear like Python and Ruby. Qliphoth also provides various built-in functions for math, RNG and bioinformatics. You don’t need to implement any trivial SGX-related processes like enclave initialization, Remote Attestation, EDL, dividing large data into EPC-suitable size, etc. Only you have to write is what you want to compute inside the enclave.


Protect output privacy

Qliphoth is designed to solidly protect output privacy of secret data. When a code follows a protocol but output results which violates privacy, we say it violates output privacy; and such codes are called semi-honest.

For example, obtaining average of single value follows its protocol (the protocol means calculating average using provided function here), but it outputs the secret data itself.

Qliphoth prevents such semi-honest operation, therefore Qliphoth is secure language and suitable for cloud secret computing.

What does “Qliphoth” mean?

“Qliphoth” means “shell” in Hebrew. I compared the protection features of enclave to shell.

Protection against side-channel attacks

One of major weakpoints of SGX-based systems is vulnerability against side-channel attacks. BI-SGX provides solid protection against controlled-channel attacks, the most powerful side-channel attack against SGX-based systems.

Qliphoth codes are completely protected by enclave and BI-SGX interpreter processes in the grain of tokens extracted by lexer, therefore adversaries cannot infer secrets from BI-SGX by using controlled-channel attacks.


Deploy on your public cloud instance

Of course, you can deploy and run BI-SGX on public cloud. As of 5/18/2020, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, etc. provides SGX-enabled instances. Using these public clouds, you can construct more large-scale secret computation networks.

See this page for more detailed SGX-capable public clouds.

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BI-SGX project is adopted to MITOU 2019 sponsored by Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), Japan. See here for detail (Japanese).

Super Creator of MITOU 2019, IPA

In recognition of BI-SGX’s contribution, I was selected as a Super Creator of MITOU 2019. See here for detail (Japanese).

58th SIGBIO outstanding presentation award

Due to circumstanses, I published BI-SGX as “BV-SGX” for 58th SIGBIO, Japan. See here for detail (Japanese).

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