Need help with SGX?


BI-SGX is a system to make developers avoid using SGXSDK, which results dramatic mitigation of burden for developers. However, it is a firm fact that there are developers who have to develop SGX applications using SGXSDK.

I understand your suffering. It is because I’m also the developer who have been suffered by SGXSDK. I don’t want any more developers to be bothered by SGXSDK’s heinous specifications.

Therefore, I started service to give SGX-related advice for developers who have problem with using SGXSDK. This service is completely free, so please feel free to use this service. Again, we must not be suffered from SGXSDK and must defeat SGXSDK.

How to cousult

  • Twitter: Both reply and DM are welcome.
  • e-mail: asakurai☆mitou●org (☆->@, ●->.)
  • Web meeting: Google meeting or Zoom are good. Please tell me that you request web meeting by Twitter or e-mail.
  • Visit your office/lab/house: I also can directly visit you and lecture about SGX if you pay for transportation fee if you live in Japan. Visiting outside of Japan is not so feasible, but it is possible if you pay for transportation and adjust your/my schedule. Contact me by e-mail or Twitter DM.

Please note that I’m not so good at speaking/writing English because I’m Japanese. And now I’m office worker, therefore probably I cannot take sufficient time on weekdays.

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